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Marine chemist: dangerous, but a worthy profession

marine chemist

Today the world is undergoing an active process of globalization. International trade is its locomotive. Thanks to it, we can freely buy those goods that were not known a couple of decades ago. Without developed trade, a strong economy is impossible. The exchange of goods is carried out by various transport arteries. States use air, rail, and road transport to deliver goods. However, the first place in terms of the volume of goods transported is occupied by sea transportation. Transportation of goods by sea and passenger transportation by ships is 90% of the total volume of international traffic. The modern world, to which we are so accustomed, is impossible without transcontinental transport, which connected not only states but also continents.

Modern ships that are used to transport goods have not changed their basic designs for many years. Structural materials and methods have changed, but the basic design concept has remained unchanged for centuries. At the same time, modern cargoes have a greater number of various toxic and harmful substances. They can cause serious harm to the health of the people who work with them. To assess and prevent dangerous situations, marine chemists work on ships. These are specialists who are responsible for safety when working on a ship with dangerous goods and during repairs. Unfortunately, due to harmful substances, their health is often negatively affected.

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marine chemist on a ship

Despite all the risks, marine chemist is a popular and sought-after profession. Many students choose marine chemistry for the future profession. They know that they can easily get a job with a decent salary. In addition to controlling harmful and toxic substances, marine chemist is responsible for environmental protection, safety, and health. According to international standards, the specialist must be on the ship during the voyage. Besides, he is obliged to monitor repair work when the ship is located at the shipyard. When carrying them out, there is always a danger of fire or explosion. Marine chemist ensures that this does not happen. Thus, an experienced specialist is always present on the vessel and supervises the work of special services. If you want more information about the responsibilities of this profession, then follow the link:

Before starting work, marine chemists must obtain a certificate from the Qualification Council. The NFPA appoints it every few years. You can study the information in detail on the official website:

The specialist should have practical knowledge of the design of all common types of ships, including hull and superstructure compartment systems, engine rooms, cargo handling systems, and piping systems.

Today, several organizations bring together marine chemists. They perform the following functions:

  • Promotion of science among young people
  • Dissemination of information about the dangers of the profession
  • Creation and development of new methods for assessing and eliminating the threats of explosions and fires on ships
  • Development of new ties and relationships with related organizations and industries
  • Raising the salaries of its members
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates of marine chemist

Today, sea transport routes are the arteries of the world economy. They provide us with goods and products from all over the world. If they are abolished, there will be a real collapse of civilization. A huge number of specialists work in difficult conditions so that the system of cargo transportation does not fail. Marine chemists perform a very important function in this system, namely to ensure the safety of people's lives!